Best Restaurants in Lavington

Nana Inkiri Steak & Wine House

$$$$ PQFQ+42, Kandara Rd, 00000, Lavington, Nairobi
International Casual Dining Family Style
Nana Inkiri Steak & Wine House is a restaurant located in Nairobi. Mainly a meeting place for families, or business meetings, the perfect place to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation in the company. Nana Inkiri's menu is based primarily on meat, cuts of absolute quality, rigorously and carefully selected by the chefs. Rich, abundant dishes, accompanied by a remarkable wine which draws from the most significant producers and counworldwide world. An international menu leaves room for many cultures and allows all palates to taste unique recipes and dishes.

Kengele's Lavington

$$ Lavington Green, James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
International Casual Dining Fast Casual
Kengele's Lavington is a vibrant and welcoming gastro-pub in Lavington, Nairobi's lush, green suburb. Renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly service, Kengele's has become a favourite spot for locals and visitors looking to enjoy a laid-back dining experience with Kenyan hospitality. At Kengele's, the menu features a delightful mix of international and local cuisine, offering everything from hearty burgers and pizzas to traditional Kenyan dishes like nyama choma (grilled meat) and ugali. The food is prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each dish serves flavour and quality. The pub's decor is warmly inviting, with a rustic charm that features wooden furnishings, quirky local art, and an open-air terrace that's perfect for Nairobi's sunny afternoons and cool evenings. The space is designed to make guests feel right at home, whether catching up with friends over a meal, watching a sports game on the large screens, or enjoying live music performances that regularly feature on the weekends.

Kulan Cafe

$$ Major Jackson Muriithi St, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
African American International Casual Dining
Kulan Cafe is a charming and vibrant cafe in the bustling city of Nairobi, in Lavington, Kenya. Known for its cozy ambiance and commitment to serving high-quality, locally sourced food, Kulan Cafe is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, providing a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or a leisurely coffee break. The cafe offers a diverse menu with a delightful mix of international and Kenyan favourites. Kulan Cafe has something to satisfy every appetite, whether you're craving a hearty breakfast, a light salad, or a decadent pastry. The dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients, emphasizing organic and sustainable practices that support local farmers and producers. The interior of Kulan Cafe is designed to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. It combines rustic charm with modern elements, featuring comfortable seating, soft lighting, and an artful decor that includes local art pieces and plants that add a touch of greenery. The ambience is ideal for a casual meet-up, working on your laptop, or relaxing with a book from the cafe's collection.

CJ's Restaurant - Koinange Street

$$ Koinange St, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
International Premium Casual
CJ's Restaurant on Koinange Street is a standout dining destination in the heart of Nairobi, Lavington, Kenya. Known for its exquisite menu and impeccable service, CJ's offers a culinary experience that caters to a diverse clientele, from busy professionals to families and tourists. The menu at CJ's is a delightful blend of international dishes and local Kenyan favourites, offering something for every palate. Guests can enjoy everything from gourmet burgers and fresh pasta dishes to succulent steaks and traditionally prepared Kenyan delicacies. The restaurant is also famous for its breakfast and brunch selections, making it a popular spot from morning until night. The interior of CJ's Restaurant is designed with elegance and comfort. The space combines modern chic with touches of classic decor, featuring plush seating, tasteful artwork, and a warm, inviting colour palette that makes every dining experience feel special. The layout includes intimate table settings for smaller groups and more significant areas that accommodate family gatherings or corporate events.

Big Square Lavington

$$ James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
International Casual Dining Fast Casual
Big Square Lavington is a vibrant and casual dining spot in the leafy suburb of Lavington, Nairobi. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and hearty, American-style comfort food, Big Square is a popular destination for families, groups of friends, and anyone searching for a relaxed dining experience. The menu at Big Square Lavington focuses on big flavours and generous portions. Guests can enjoy various urgers, from classic beef patties to inventive creations featuring unique toppings and sauces. The restaurant also offers a variety of other American favourites, such as crispy fried chicken, succulent ribs, and an assortment of sides like coleslaw, fries, and onion rings. For those looking for lighter options, fresh salads and wraps are available. The decor of Big Square Lavington embodies a fun and friendly vibe, with an interior that features rustic wood, industrial accents, and quirky decor elements that add to the casual, urban feel of the restaurant. The spacious layout includes indoor and outdoor seating options, making it perfect for any weather.

Mambo Italian Lavington

Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Mambo Italiano Lavington, nestled in the upscale neighbourhood of Lavington, Nairobi, offers a slice of Italy with its authentic Italian cuisine and charming ambience. This cosy restaurant is perfect for those seeking a culinary escape to the Mediterranean, featuring a menu that blends traditional Italian recipes with contemporary culinary flair. Diners at Mambo Italiano can indulge in a wide selection of Italian favourites, from hand-crafted pizzas and fresh pasta dishes to exquisite seafood and meat entrees. Each dish is prepared with attention to authenticity, using imported Italian ingredients alongside the freshest local produce to create flavours that transport guests straight to Italy. Tourists ' must-tries are signature dishes like the Risotto al Funghi, Tagliatelle Bolognese, and various wood-fired pizzas. The decor of Mambo Italiano Lavington reflects the rustic elegance of a traditional Italian trattoria. Warm, earthy tones, wooden furniture, and soft lighting create a welcoming and intimate dining atmosphere. The walls are adorned with Italian art and artefacts that add to the authentic experience.

Cheka Japanese Restaurant

$$ Kauria Close Off Muthangari RD, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
Cheka Restaurant is a Japanese-style restaurant and Bar, "IZAKAYA." It serves classic Japanese and Asian cuisines.The restaurant name comes from"CHEKA," which means "Laugh" in the Swahili language. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Nairobi's bustling Westlands district, Cheka Japanese Restaurant offers an exquisite culinary journey through the flavours of Japan. Step into our sleek and modern establishment, where traditional Japanese aesthetics harmonize with contemporary design elements. Whether you're craving delicate sashimi, flavorful ramen, or expertly grilled yakitori skewers, Cheka Japanese Restaurant promises to tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Conveniently located in the heart of Westlands, Cheka Japanese Restaurant is the perfect destination for casual diners and connoisseurs alike. It offers a haven where food, ambience, and hospitality converge to create unforgettable dining experiences.

360 Degrees Restaurant

$$ Rosslyn Riviera, Limuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Italian European Mediterranean Pizzeria
360 Degrees Artisan Pizza is an upscale casual restaurant serving authentic Neapolitan Pizza and Italian cuisine in a warm and lively modern atmosphere right in the heart of Nairobi! Named after the nature of our pizza cooked at above 360 degrees Celsius, we opened our doors in 2013 to offer a unique upscale casual dining experience. Our pizza pays homage to old-world Vera Pizza Napolitano traditions but is a contemporary take on the style. The pizza arrives still steaming from our Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven. The crust is thin, with a blistered cornicione—the raised rim of the pizza that’s the outer crust of the pizza — about an inch thick. It is neither thin and crispy nor thick and soft but chewy and crisp all at once. Because it is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike. The toppings are fresh and natural, and each ingredient tastes very much like it is. Our pizza strikes a careful balance among crust, sauce, and cheese with not too much of one component.


$$$ Muguga Green Off Brookside Grove &, Waiyaki Way, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
African Ethiopian Casual Dining Ethnic
Abyssinia is a renowned Ethiopian restaurant in the Westlands of Nairobi, Kenya. Known for its authentic and flavorful Ethiopian cuisine, Abyssinia offers a traditional dining experience complete with injera (a sourdough flatbread) and a variety of hearty stews, including spicy meats and vibrant vegetarian options. The restaurant is inviting and features Ethiopian cultural artefacts and textiles that enhance the dining atmosphere. Guests can enjoy their meals while seated at traditional Mesob tables, adding to the cultural authenticity. Abyssinia is a favourite among locals and expatriates, providing a perfect setting for those looking to explore Ethiopian cuisine's rich flavours and communal dining style in the heart of Nairobi’s bust.

Mama Ashanti

$$$ Muthangari Gardens, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
African Casual Dining Premium Casual
Mama Ashanti is a charming restaurant in the serene Muthaiga area of Nairobi, Kenya. This delightful eatery is renowned for its authentic West African cuisine, with a particular focus on dishes from Ghana and Nigeria. The menu features a variety of flavorful options, such as jollof rice, fufu, and spicy goat stew, all prepared using traditional cooking methods. The restaurant's setting is cosy and inviting, decorated with colourful African textiles and artwork, creating a warm and homely atmosphere. Mama Ashanti is popular among the expatriate community and locals, offering a culinary escape to West Africa in the heart of Nairobi. It's an ideal spot for those exploring rich, spicy flavours in a casual and friendly environment.

Adega Restaurant

$$ Lavington Curve Mall, James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Portuguese European Casual Dining
Adega Restaurant is an Award-Winning Traditional Portuguese Cuisine and European Cuisine—the only Halal Portuguese Restaurant in Lavington, Nairobi. Situated in the vibrant city of Nairobi, Adega Restaurant invites you on a culinary journey through Portuguese cuisine's rich and diverse flavours. Located in the bustling Westlands area, our restaurant offers a warm and inviting ambience where rustic charm meets contemporary elegance. Step inside and experience the essence of Portugal with our authentic dishes crafted with care and expertise. Each plate celebrates traditional recipes passed down through generations, from succulent grilled meats to fresh seafood delicacies. Indulge in our signature peri-peri chicken, tender grilled sardines, or hearty feijoada stew, all expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds. Complement your meal with a selection from our curated wine list, featuring a variety of Portuguese wines that perfectly complement the flavours of our cuisine.

Tokyo Restaurant

$$ Kolloh Rd, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
Located at the heart of Nairobi, in Lavington, Tokyo has served you the best Japanese food since 2001. Working towards creating the most pleasant experience, with a curated beautiful space in Lavington a beautifully decorated interior for the cold days, and an incredibly spacious and relaxing outdoor space for the sunny days. Just the spot to enjoy delicious sushi, with the best company!

La Tasca

$$ James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining
La Tasca Spanish Corner in Nairobi is the ultimate premier celebration of sherry, wine, and food for Spanish cuisine, with a warm and cosy wine & tapas bar at the Lavington Mall. The only authentic Spanish Tapas & Wine Club in Nairobi conducted by Spaniards. Selected Spanish Wine and Delicatessen directly imported from Spain for you.

Le Palanka

$$ James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
African Fine dining
Le Palanka is an African Cuisine Fine Dining Restaurant in the heart of Nairobi with delectable African dishes from Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Cameroon & Senegal. A unique fine African cuisine restaurant in Nairobi. Offering a fusion of exotic flavours from across Africa.

Pizzeria Il Portico

$$$ Ground Floor, Lavington Mall, Lavington, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Pizzeria Il Portico is an authentic Italian restaurant in the Westlands of Nairobi, Kenya. Known for its cosy and inviting ambience, this pizzeria offers a genuine slice of Italy with its traditional wood-fired pizzas and a broad range of Italian dishes, including pasta, salads, and desserts. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create flavorful and hearty meals reminiscent of classic Italian cuisine. The interior is charmingly decorated, featuring rustic elements and a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes guests feel at home. Pizzeria Il Portico is a favoured spot for families and couples looking for a casual dining experience with excellent food and service in the bustling Westlands district.

Inca Restaurant

$$ James Gichuru Road, 00603, Lavington, Nairobi
Peruvian Ethnic Premium Casual
Perched in the vibrant heart of Nairobi's Hurlingham area, Inca Restaurant beckons with its irresistible blend of Peruvian cuisine and contemporary flair. Located amidst the dynamic surroundings of Hurlingham, Inca Restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can indulge in an unforgettable culinary journey. Step into a stylish space where modern design elements merge seamlessly with Peruvian-inspired decor, creating a chic and welcoming ambience. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure with the menu thoughtfully crafted to showcase Peruvian cuisine's vibrant flavours and bold spices. From ceviche bursting with freshness to tender anticuchos and savoury causa, each dish celebrates Peru's rich culinary heritage, prepared with the finest ingredients and authentic techniques. Indulge in this signature dish, such as the succulent Lomo Saltado or the flavorful Aji de Gallina, expertly paired with a refreshing Pisco Sour or a glass of wine from a curated selection. Alternatively, unwind with one of the handcrafted cocktails inspired by the vibrant culture of Peru.
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