Best Premium Casual Restaurants in Westlands

Botanica - Kitchen and Gin Bar

$$$$ 7th floor One Africa Place, Waiyaki Way, 00100, Westlands, Nairobi
International Premium Casual Cocktail Bar
They are on the 7th floor of One Africa Place, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi. Botanica - Kitchen and Gin Bar is one of the most prominent Food Library locations, full of bustle and atmosphere, comprising a cosy indoor area, a lush green terrace and the trendiest Gin Bar in town. Guests can dine in for breakfast, lunch or dinner from our curated menu that boasts several of the finest farm-to-table. Botanica's decor takes inspiration from nature, creating a botanical haven filled with greenery, floral accents, and natural wood tones. The atmosphere is refreshing and relaxing, with a design emphasising open spaces and natural light. This garden-themed setting makes Botanica the perfect spot for a casual lunch, a serene evening, or a night out with friends. The kitchen at Botanica serves contemporary dishes, emphasising freshness, flavour, and artistic presentation. The menu features a mix of local and international cuisine crafted to complement the bar's vast array of gins and other spirits. Seasonal ingredients are the stars here, with each dish designed to delight the senses and nourish the soul. Highlights include artisan flatbreads, fresh seafood dishes, and inventive salads. The Grilled Octopus with a tangy citrus dressing and the Beetroot Carpaccio are favourites among regulars. Botanica is renowned for its extensive gin selection, featuring local and international brands, with bespoke gin cocktails crafted by expert mixologists.

Mercado - Mexican Kitchen & Bar

$$$$ Kenrail Towers, Terrace Floor, South Wing, Next To 9 West Building, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
Mexican Ethnic Premium Casual Cocktail Bar
Welcome to Mercado, where the vibrant spirit of Mexico meets Nairobi's cosmopolitan energy. Nestled in the city's heart, in Westland, Mercado - Mexican Kitchen & Bar offers a lively and authentic dining experience, featuring a fusion of traditional Mexican flavours with a modern twist. Mercado is designed to evoke the vibrant markets of Mexico City. Its colourful, festive interior combines rustic charm with chic urban elements. Brightly coloured tiles, hand-painted murals, and eclectic decorations create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open kitchen adds a dynamic flair, allowing guests to watch chefs prepare dishes with flair and precision. At Mercado, the menu celebrates the diversity and richness of Mexican cuisine. The dishes are made from scratch using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure the most authentic and delicious flavours. From smoky grilled meats to zesty salsas, each recipe pays homage to Mexico's culinary traditions while incorporating a contemporary twist. Dive into signature dishes such as Tacos Al Pastor, fresh Ceviche, and Enchiladas Verdes. The carne asada is marinated to perfection, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Don't miss the vegetarian-friendly options like the Mushroom and Spinach Quesadillas. Complement your meal with our handcrafted margaritas or a selection from the extensive list of tequilas and mezcals.

Taste Of China Restaurant TOC

$$$ 2th Floor TRV Parkwest Office Suites, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
Chinese Ethnic Premium Casual
Taste of China Restaurant (TOC) is a distinguished Chinese restaurant located in the bustling Westlands area of Nairobi, Kenya. This restaurant is acclaimed for offering a genuine and comprehensive menu that captures the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine. Patrons can enjoy a wide range of dishes, from classic Peking duck to various dim sum options, all prepared with authentic ingredients and techniques. The setting of Taste of China is elegant and refined, making it an ideal place for both casual and formal dining occasions. The decor incorporates traditional Chinese elements, creating an immersive atmosphere that complements the culinary experience. Conveniently situated in a vibrant part of the city, Taste of China Restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors looking to indulge in the rich flavors of China in Nairobi.

Chez Sonia

$$$ 68 Peponi Rd, Nairobi, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
European Premium Casual
Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Westlands, Nairobi, Chez Sonia is a charming culinary haven that celebrates the art of French cuisine amidst the urban landscape. Located amidst the lively atmosphere of Lavington, Chez Sonia welcomes guests with its elegant and intimate ambience. Step into a cosy and chic space where classic French decor meets modern sophistication, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the menu meticulously curated to showcase the exquisite flavours and techniques of French gastronomy. From delicate appetizers to sumptuous mains and decadent desserts, each dish is a masterpiece of culinary artistry, crafted with the finest ingredients and attention to detail. Indulge in the signature dishes, such as the succulent Coq au Vin or the indulgent Crème Brûlée, expertly paired with a selection from a curated wine list featuring a variety of French and international vintages. Alternatively, savour a traditional French aperitif or digestif from the well-stocked bar.

The Copper Ivy

$$ The Promenade Drive, General Mathenge Rd, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
International Premium Casual
Nestled in the heart of Nairobi's bustling Westlands neighbourhood, The Copper Ivy invites you to experience a culinary journey like no other amidst the city's vibrant energy. Located amidst the lively atmosphere of Westlands, The Copper Ivy welcomes guests with its modern elegance and inviting ambience. Step into a stylish yet cosy space where copper accents and lush greenery create a warm, sophisticated atmosphere perfect for any occasion. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with an eclectic menu showcasing a fusion of global flavours with a contemporary twist. From innovative small plates to hearty mains and decadent desserts, each dish is crafted carefully and creatively, using the freshest locally sourced ingredients and culinary expertise. Indulge in the signature dishes, such as the mouthwatering Beef Wellington or the flavorful Thai Red Curry, expertly paired with a selection from an extensive wine list or a handcrafted cocktail from talented mixologists.

Royal Kitchen Indian And Chinese Restaurant

$$ Prideinn Westlands, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
Chinese Indian International Premium Casual
Located in Nairobi, in Westlands, Kenya, Royal Kitchen offers a distinctive culinary journey, blending the rich traditions of Indian and Chinese cuisines under one roof. This unique restaurant caters to various tastes, providing an extensive menu showcasing the best culinary worlds. At Royal Kitchen, diners can explore a diverse array of dishes that celebrate India's vibrant flavours and aromatic spices alongside China's bold and exciting tastes. The menu features everything from classic Indian curries and tandoori dishes to beloved Chinese stir-fries and dumplings. Highlights include butter chicken, paneer tikka, beef hakka noodles, and Szechuan prawns, each prepared with authentic ingredients and cooking techniques. The ambience at Royal Kitchen is designed to offer a comfortable and inviting dining experience. The decor combines elements of both Indian and Chinese cultures, creating a warm and eclectic atmosphere that is perfect for casual dining or special occasions. Whether you're enjoying a family meal, a business lunch, or a dinner with friends, the setting is ideal for a memorable time.

Fogo Gaucho - Brazilian Steakhouse - Westlands

$$ Ground Floor, Viking House, Off Waiyaki Way, 00800, Westlands, Nairobi
Brazilian Premium Casual
Fogo Gaucho, located in Westland, is Nairobi's premier destination for authentic Brazilian churrascaria, offering an endless parade of sizzling meats at your table. Situated in the heart of Nairobi, this lively steakhouse captures the spirit and flavours of Brazil with its vibrant atmosphere and traditional cooking techniques. At Fogo Gaucho, guests are treated to a truly unique dining experience. The restaurant specializes in rodízio style service, where skilled passadores (meat servers) roam the dining room with towering skewers of freshly grilled meats, slicing them directly onto your plate. The selection includes a variety of beef cuts, lamb, pork, chicken, and sausages, all cooked to perfection over open flames to enhance their natural flavours. The experience is complemented by an extensive salad bar featuring fresh vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats, and traditional Brazilian side dishes such as feijoada (black bean stew), farofa (toasted cassava flour), and pão de queijo (cheese bread). These accompaniments are carefully prepared to match the robust flavours of the meats.
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